Our Approach

A proven process for digital success.

At Digital Empire, we’ve established a well-defined process to foster creativity to align with business objectives and increase your chances of marketing success.

Regardless of whether we are helping you create an integrated marketing campaign, embarking on a website redesign project, or assisting you with your day-to-day online advertising needs, our process provides a solid foundation and an outline for producing high-quality results with measurable outcomes.

Don't count the days, make the days count.
—Muhammad Ali

An Agile, Results Driven Approach


We focus on discovering the problem and listening to the needs of the brand, major stakeholders, and target audiences. A digital marketing assessment is given to understand your organization’s current strengths and weaknesses across seven digital marketing dimensions — Channels, Audiences, Context, Content, Assets, Campaigns, and Data.


Using research, user goals, stakeholder objectives, and business requirements we devise a roadmap to follow for the next several stages. We know plans can change, so we’ll also allow the roadmap to be altered if we end up at a dead end somewhere along the line. Planning truly lays the groundwork for creative iteration to take over.


Taking direction from planning, we embark on designing, building, and writing creative solutions that often result in deliverables like wireframes, style tiles, rough draft copy, camera phone video/photos, and rough sketches. These creative building blocks will then be iterated upon many times until the final result becomes something that we can then move on to prototype a solution and test against.


At this phase, we translate the creative concepts into final products by using a complex array of activities split into four different categories: Design, Development, Outreach, and Production. The outcome might be an ad campaign across social media, a website launch, a content marketing campaign, etc.


Now that the product has been executed and your target audience is interacting with it, we focus on taking measurements of success and testing against any possible pitfalls that may arise over time. We measure against 5 Key Performance Indicators (KPI): Digital Marketing Return on Investment, Website Conversion Rate, Cost per Lead by Source, Revenue per Lead by Source, and % of Sales from Digital.

Iterate & Grow

Next we then use these KPIs to make educated decisions about your goals, strategies and tactics to help your brand grow. We’ll discuss possible improvements that can be made to the product and then establish a feature list that we can work on, going back to the Planning phase.

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