Experimentation and exploration is our way of staying on the forefront of innovation.

At Digital Empire, we developed our Labs program as a way to grow our expertise while getting out of our comfort zone. We also got tired of being told “you can’t do that” and “that would never work”.

The secret to our success is proceeding forward in small increments and never giving up. Our data shows that if we collectively work a little bit each day at a lab project, then we can achieve something amazing over time together.

If you have a labs idea, get in touch. We’d love to hear your challenge is for us.

Success is often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable.
—Coco Chanel

Hudson Valley Tech Meetup

Hudson Valley Tech Meetup is a monthly gathering of creatives, engineers, entrepreneurs, educators, students, and genuine lovers of technology who share their passion for all things tech in the Hudson Valley of NY State. We alternate our meeting spot each month across the Hudson River, between Kingston and Poughkeepsie.

At each meetup we have 3 speakers share their passion about something that is related to technology. One of these is usually a startup demo. At the end of the presentations we do a Q&A that always guarantees to be a lively discussion.

In partnership with Evolving Media Network.

Catskills Conf

After an excellent inaugural year, Catskills Conf is coming back for year two. Same Location, same time of year, same beautiful scenery, same Birds of Prey (we promise). This year will feature great new speakers, new music and activities, more time in nature, and new options for lodging.

Catskills Conf is a gathering of Technologists and Creators at a retreat in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains. Our goal is to bring people together to be inspired by a diverse program and the landscape of the Hudson Valley. We’ve crafted a unique experience that aims to energize and motivate all attendees.

In partnership with Evolving Media Network and Quirkey.

The Arlington Club

Being a digital worker is tough – long hours spent staring at the screen, little interaction with like-minded folks in offline, and the constant push to always be learning.

The Arlington Club was created to give digital workers (designers, programmers, photographers, writers, marketers, etc.) in the Hudson Valley an oasis to call the “office”.

We’re a fun place to work, a central place to collaborate, and most importantly, an inspiring place to succeed on your own terms.

Awesome Cause

Awesome Cause is the world’s first Centralized Engagement Platform to put all of your nonprofit’s web marketing & fundraising tools in one spot. We made the platform because we believe it’s time for all nonprofits to have successful web marketing tools that get results without compromising or being taken advantage of.

The platform includes tools for nonprofits to take donations, send out press releases, handle volunteers, process memberships, and tons more. It also includes a regular maintenance agreement and concierge service to help with small design and content updates.


Upcoming Lab Ideas

  • Hudson Valley Open Device Lab
    Create a local ODL that can offer designers, developers, and entrepreneurs device testing right here in the Hudson Valley.
  • Made In The Hudson Valley (in progress)
    Create a map and job listings of tech and design companies that sprawl across the vast Hudson Valley, from the bottom of Westchester County to the top of Columbia County.
  • Client Status Center (in progress)
    A web app that helps digital agencies, marketers, and designers keep their client in the loop on the progress of their project.
  • Couples Who Launch
    A blog of tips, tricks, and stories from real couples who have launched successful businesses and lived to tell about it.
  • Kids Eat Free
    A mobile app that shows what restaurants run a kids-can-eat-free promotion,when they do it, and where they are located.

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